Honda continues to reveal some of its new offroad and now the time has come for a replacement for the well-known CRF100F, inspired in the 250/450 ideal to make the first steps in this field. Hit stores in September.

2014 CRF125FB

The 2014 CRF125FB is the latest bike which adds to the CRF family. And although small, it is a model that will provide off-road thrills and experience.

Substituting the CRF100F, the CRF125FB not only increases its capacity; its four-speed engine, air-cooled, has been tuned specifically to assist novice pilots with a rich and linear torque at low engine speed. Furthermore, the addition of an electric starter also makes things easier for young drivers.

An all-new chassis and suspension and high quality brakes are set up to achieve improved performance, offering manageability and braking confidence. Undoubtedly, the low seat height, the weight content and compact size make it a very manageable motorcycle.

The stability and traction are assured by a 19-inch front wheel, complemented by the rear of 16. New points of support (footrest and brake pedal widths) complement the narrower handlebars and allow excellent control.

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