Today: April 25, 2024
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Honda Rebel Aviator Nation, a custom bike for millennials

Within the world of custom motorcycles there is some concern about the fact that the user of this type of bike capable has a higher average age and is in danger of relay. To combat this trend are new bikes such as the 2017 Honda Rebel, which is now even more attractive for youngsters with the Honda Rebel Aviator Nation preparation.

Honda Rebel Aviator Nation

Paige Mycoskie, founder of the Aviator Nation clothing brand, is responsible for devising this preparation, inspired by custom bikes of the 70’s and clear Californian style. Once again it proves that retro is fashionable in terms of marketing.

Honda Rebel Aviator Nation, retro and young
The changes are not dramatic with respect to the standard bike, but the Honda Rebel Aviator Nation changes just to give it a fresher air to the mount and more casual. For example, it comes with an individual brown hand-made leather seat and personalized with the Aviator Nation logo that contrasts with the glossy black fenders.

Also the golden deposit shows the four corporate fringes of Aviator Nation. The custom brown leather cuffs, the circular rear-view mirrors, the caged yellow headlight and the minimalist taillight complete a set of the most attractive on a tight budget.

There are no changes in parallel twin cylinder 471 cc engine and liquid cooling, adapted to a cruiser use with its 45.5 hp power at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque from 44.6 Nm to 6,000 rpm. The six-speed gearbox and torque have been optimized to give the best of themselves at low speed.