Today: May 19, 2024
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Honda SH Mode 125: A new scoopy more smaller, lighter and economical

A variant of the SH125i Scoopy but with its own identity as a smaller size, low seat height and lightness of the whole. A flexible high wheel and easy to use around town, also is expected to be cheaper than the Scoopy.

Honda SH Mode 125

The engine, derived from Scoopy SH125i also uses ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) technology and has an output of 11.4hp with a linear motor torque throughout the rev range, which is perfect for urban environments and for bikers with different experiences and expectations. In addition, fuel consumption is very low, only 2 l/100 km, with a range of 275 km, the automatic shutdown system at idle, fitted as standard; this contributes to low consumption and low emissions.

Its main practical aspects include the ability to load, because despite being a high wheel, you can hold the seat under a helmet. The wide flat platform and the carrier hook further expand the transmission capacity of the new SH Mode 125. The body, with two-tone pieces, creates a lightweight, attractive image. In general, the features resemble those of the popular Scoopy SH125i, from front to rear.

For convenience and to facilitate action to park the scooter, it has both central and side stand of series. The SH 125 Mode not forgets the passenger, who has a comfortable space, folding footrest and integrated into the large aluminum rear carrier bag.

Monta wheels 16″ front and 14″ rear, so the stability is guaranteed. The combined braking system (CBS), but unlike the Scoopy, the SH Mode mounted behind a drum brake, a feature that suggests role as economic scooter.

The SH Mode 125 will be available in three colors: Pink Fabulous, white Jasmine Pearl and Poseidon black metallic. It will be available from October and still has not talked about price, but it looks like it is cheaper than the Scoopy 125.