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Honda VTR-F250

The Honda VTR 250 is a small naked since 1997 is on sale in Japan. Needless to say, practically it is a “Mini Monster” with all the trappings (trellis frame and V-twin engine tell you everything), Let’s just say that it is technically interesting and the power of 30 hp at 10,500 rpm is not contemptible (a cross between the Suzuki Inazuma 250 that has about 25 hp and the Kawasaki Ninja 300 which declares about 40).

Honda VTR-F250

But anyhow, the bike is sold only in Japan and we can only envy the fact that Honda promises a consumption of 40 km/liter to 60 km/h…

Change of habit
Now comes to the version called VTR-F250. Technically, nothing changes, so the engine remains the 90° V2, liquid-cooled, fed by fuel injection, with 4 valves per cylinder, instead of the trellis frame is already known.

New of course, the aesthetics, with a fairing quite successful and an optical assembly that vaguely resembles the flagship VFR1200F. The dashboard, finally, is what inspired the CBR600RR. The only “numbers” are different from those of the bare weight, which increased by 4 kg. Among realization that much more dignified, technical skills and economy, would really want to get it from us, this little bike. But in reality, this small V2 reserved for the Japanese domestic market, where it costs 588,000 yen, equivalent to 4,670 euro (VTR 250 naked: 567,000 yen, or 4,500 Euros).

The small inversion
However small and interesting motion around 250 cc believe that we will see just more and more. Especially for the fact that they are going to tone the needs of Asian markets, then ascends the level of product quality.

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