Today: June 24, 2024
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Ideas to make extra money with motorcycle

Using the motorcycle as a means of transport, saves us a good sum of money, since we drastically reduce our transportation costs by not spending on gasoline or public transportation, but besides saving cash: will it be possible to make extra money with it?

Without wishing to spoil our dreams, we must be honest with ourselves, because for most of us, it is too late to be a professional biker, or what is the same, many of us have left the opportunity for someone knock on our door to offer a sponsorship and pay us for driving our bike.

make extra money with motorcycle

Here I want to propose to you some ideas, will be more lucrative than others, and some others, will require a bit of innovation and creativity, but what is sought is that at least for a few hours a day, you drive bike and you win some money with it.

1. Motorcycle tour guide

Are you one of those biker that see them all over the city, always riding their bike? Do taxi drivers ask you for a street? What’s more, for you that GPS and Google maps is nothing more than technology for the uninitiated. Do you like to relate to people and know stories and places in your city that may be of interest to people?

Then you could be a tour guide on a motorcycle and earn some extra money. Guiding tourists by bike is an excellent way to spend a few hours of work while riding a bike; you can also show people from other cities and even other countries, the beauties of your city.

In this job you can make use of your knowledge in history, languages, and even public relations, while you are host for people visiting your city. In addition, many of us know that the best way to get to know a city is to experience it on two wheels.

To be able to make this a reality, there are two options; one is that you seek employment with someone who already offers the service in your city. So you can list your bike on rider-share of this company and they can call you if they have any client……

Today in our cities it is not strange to find small entrepreneurs – as you like to call them – who rent motorcycle and organize motorcycle trips around their cities. Well, if you have the time and the disposition, ask them to hire you, especially during the holidays.

Now, if you do not know any of these services or just do not exist in your city, you could be that entrepreneur and start your own business.

2. Motorcycle Rentals

If you have more than one motorcycle you can start a small motorcycle rental business and put your bikes to work. Remember that it is not possible for you to walk in all of them at the same time, so with that you install a certain organization and establish some rules and requirements for your rent, your beloved bike will be safe in your tenant’s legs.

3. Mechanical courses for biker

Many people are willing to pay a fair price for learning to repair their bike. Take advantage of your knowledge and create courses in which you teach other users to repair their motorcycles.

Here, in addition to the tool, what you will need is the ability to transmit your knowledge in a simple and concise manner; personally, I would recommend that you do it with a course where it is more practice than theory.

Organize your course with specific objectives and above all at the beginning be simple so that people who attend do not get discouraged, and on the contrary, want more knowledge from you.

If you do not have a place to receive people and teach your skills as a mechanic, what do you think if you do it in a plaza, park or a easily accessible public place.

Create a syllabus with the most relevant of your repertoire of knowledge and use social networks to publicize the plan, see how the interested people respond, and if everything goes well, take new courses as you increase the level of knowledge that you share. Do not forget to keep on giving basic courses to attract new clients!

4. Food delivery

Thinking about it, it would not be bad, a blocks basket can be carried on any type of motorcycle and earn money while riding a bike.

More than anything, I mean offering delivery service to restaurants that seek a way to be more sustainable in their way of operating, by not generating air pollution when making home deliveries – remember that the largest source of pollutants to the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels, just like those used by most motor vehicles.

Hundreds of restaurants today seek to be socially responsible, so what you may need, will be to prepare your motorcycle with a grill, box, backpack well equipped to carry the precious food. Here you will earn money with the restaurant and some other tips, yes, you will have to be accurate in your deliveries so that the food arrives still hot, complete and without looking like cud.