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Kappa protects you from the cold

The Italian firm has been involved in the development of garments and accessories of high quality for a more comfortable bike commuting in winter. Combat water or low temperatures and not a drawback.

Kappa gloves

In the catalog of Kappa, a specialist in the manufacture of motorcycle and biker accessories, you can find a whole line dedicated to protect the rider from bad weather and cold winter, with an interesting value.

Some of its new products for 2013 passed by the functional and comfortable jacket Touring Move (men and women) or winter gloves made of leather (GKW500 and GKW501). Additionally, Kappa offers many items that can convert the worst day on a bike ride in a spring…

The rider can choose between 6 different models of winter gloves depending on tastes and needs (GKW200, 201, 202, 203 and GKW500 and 501). You can find gloves with or without these protections, fluffier or greater touch, leather or fabric, and even with inserts in the fingers that allow the use of devices with a touch screen. All have waterproof and breathable fabric to protect the body part that suffers most unfavorable weather conditions.

To protect the face and neck and low air temperatures, Kappa has several neck protectors: the SK207, modern design with fleece and stretch, or SK211.

The factory also has transalpine thought about how to protect your legs in scooter. The universal and waterproof legs cover SK203. This equipment, which has a thermal liner is fixed to the driver instead of the scooter. It also occurs as solutions tremendously practice since, once used, folds over it until it is saved in the top pocket. Thus, it can be left under the seat or easily transported along.

The Kappa catalog includes all kinds of rainwear: mittens, boot covers, rain coat, rain suit, etc.

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