Today: May 19, 2024
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Lambretta V-Special, the Lambretta of the 21st century

The nostalgia for the retro is still in force and therefore there is a lot of ground for the arrival of models like the Lambretta V-Special, the last attempt to re-emerge the laurels of the Italian manufacturer.

2017 Lambretta V-Special

The fact is that the Lambretta V-Special has little Italian, since it is the Austrian group KSR that has put what is necessary to start up the project, the design is from the Kiska study (the same one who signs the KTM) and the mechanical elements are set by SYM.

The 2017 Lambretta V-Special will be available in versions 50, 125 and 200, although it will be necessary to wait until 2018 to see them in the street. At the moment the importer has not been specified for other country. Also in 2018 it is expected an electric version and a variant of 400 cc to complete the range.

The Lambretta V-Special has a design reminiscent of the original Lambretta models, although updated with LED headlamp, digital instrumentation, combined braking or ABS on the front axle depending on the version and obviously Euro 4 engines which comply with the new emissions regulations.

As for the rest of the cycle part what stands out is a new semi-monobloc steel chassis that offers a great rigidity and lightness to the whole.

We will see if these are able to compete with Vespa, the queen among classic-looking scooters despite their high prices.