Today: July 25, 2024
admin Posted on 2:02 pm

LightMode: illuminates your helmet

Visibility is a fundamental aspect for the safety of the rider, especially during night driving. Therefore, the company LightMode Helmets has developed a electro kit that sticks to the hull and allow you to be more visible at night.

LightMode Helmets

Through the KickStarter funding platform, the guys of LightMode Helmets have managed fundraising enough to turn its project into reality. LightMode Helmets aims to evolve the hulls of life providing lighting so drivers have better visibility when they go over the night.

The LightMode has electroluminescent materials that are fixed to the hull using a special combination of strong adhesive and a chemical accelerator. These elements are controlled by a small device that allows you to wear the helmet in three modes: constant brightness, flashes and shutdown. The controller uses two AA batteries and has 13 hours of autonomy. LightMode all devices are mounted on the right side of the hull, to maintain the free left side to Bluetooth communication devices.

Since the company LightMode Helmets offer two types of kits easily assembled to transform helmet into a light element. The kit A is priced at €53.6, and is available in 5 colors, while the kit B is sold by €55.9 and is available in 7 colors. Both come with a CD with instructions for assembly.

If you do not have time or do not look capable of mounting the device on your helmet, LightMode Helmets is selling the HJC FG-17 and Icon Airmada helmet with all mounted lighting system. The HJC FG-17 is available in black, matte black, silver and white and in sizes XS to 3XL.