With this new Macna cooling vest driving on hot days will no longer be a problem. Thanks to the technology used in its construction the Dry Cooling is able to lower the body temperature to 15 degrees.

MACNA Dry Cooling vest

The company Macna has developed a unique garment that reduces body temperature to 15 degrees.

This is the new Dry Cooling vest lowering body temperature without wetting or wetting the waistcoat. Just fill with 500 ml. of water in the inner tank of Dry Cooling vest and the garment used own body heat, the air flow, and a few tiny crystals to begin reducing the temperature until the rider starts to sweat. After filling the vest weighs less than 1kg and when the container is empty, just fill it again to keep it fresh again until 3 days.

To fill the vest uses a opening at the front, so the Dry Cooling can be combined with a bib or a trellis. As water is introduced without having to wet the vest, the garment is totally antibacterial and can be washed as many times as desired.

This garment is specially designed for urban or touring use, but not recommended to use in sports practices since its design has been done studying the typical movements that are performed on top of a motorcycle.

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