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Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

The historic signing Moto Guzzi has released a special kit for retro naked V7 Racer, which recalls the aesthetics of a prototype in 1969 managed to break several world records for distance in the displacement of 750 cc, with Italian Brambilla at the wheel.

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

Inspired by the prototype V7 Record of the 1970s, Moto Guzzi motorbikes used by offers a specific kit for the V7 racer developed in the center of Moto Guzzi motorbikes used by style that transforms the naked model in a real sport with some touch coffee-racer. The star piece is its semi-fairing made of fiberglass, following the most exclusive quality standards and easy installation.

The front headlight surround the central features of the V7, completed by two side profiles that arrive until the fairing in the area of the fuel tank, while the saddle is replaced by a single element that adds the Colin with a final shaped in the form of spoiler. The seat position allows sports because it is manufactured with special two component foam, flame retardant and water repellent with shape memory.

In addition, the kit also features front bracket laser cut steel, without major complications and approved for installation, sporting a low handlebars and a chrome mirrors that enhance the look of this vintage-sport bike.

This kit could also be mounted on other V7 versions with high handlebars. The price (excluding taxes and installation) is 1,600 euros for the front fairing and seat, low handlebars 220 euros and 75 euros for the mirrors kit.

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