Today: April 21, 2024
admin Posted on 7:10 pm

MotoPed: A bike-moto from California

Halfway between the bike and the bicycle, the company offers a curious MotoPeds kit with all necessary parts to transform your mountain bike into original moped and “descent” fun.


Cam Woods, in Santa Monica, California, is the creator of the new MotoPed. Still in draft form, although very advanced, and seeking funding to mass produce the MotoPed is a curious device. Taking chassis and suspension by attaching a bike and a motor (in this case a Honda XR50), through a transmission system in the same crankset, the Californian makes this fun invention.

It may seem somewhat odd moped, or something similar to a Velosolex but modern. However, the true grace of the invention is in its transmission system that turns the engine in a pedaling assistance. The motor is with a chain, to one side of the pedal shaft and out of the crown has a sophisticated tension to always keep the taut chain. The idea is to give pedals, but it will help with the engine at specific moments.

It has sold some units in kit price of $1800 with engine included. This can be from 50cc to 250cc pit bikes from, but the most recommended is the Honda XR 50 (or its Chinese clones) and can also “customized” other finishes. So you can put asphalt wheels, other plastics, colors, etc.

The idea is that the whole kit cost, once manufactured in series, about $970. This “standard” kit will consist of all the parts needed to convert a mountain bike into a MotoPed, *except the bike and the engine itself*. Mr.Woods is convinced of the success of your project. Although to begin with you will need to solve the problem that in the USA you will require various approvals in each of the states … and needless to say what will happen in Europe.