Today: April 25, 2024
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Motorcycle Maintenance: Seat height

The seat height is one of the measures of the motorcycles that most interested in a good part of the bikers, because nothing is more uncomfortable and makes it feel more mistrust that do not arrive with the feet to the floor when maneuvering at low speed or in moments of up and get off the bike.

maintain seat height

In addition to clearly influence the driver confidence, it does so in comfort, because the triangle formed by the handlebars, seat and the stirrup depends largely on the ergonomics of the motorcycle.

There are several possible solutions to maintain the height of the seat to the size of the driver, and we must distinguish between definitive changes and modifications as desired geometry. The most common solution has always been to transform the seat cushion, removed its holster and cutting the spongy material that fills it. The truth is that the result is not as effective as would be desirable; it is more an optical effect achieved an actual decrease in height of many millimeters. As the original seat flattens itself on having unloaded the weight of the user, the real difference after the transformation is not too much.

Certain brands offer the possibility to buy the bike with a seat that is lower than the original, with what is served without the standard seat and with optional installed. The last possibility, the more desirable at least at first glance, is the seat to the frame whose supports can be moved higher or lower, which leads to the same effect by placing the seat and secure their anchors.

According to manufacturers and models there are cases where such support with a simple manipulation, while in other cases the tool that equips the bike itself is necessary, but it is always easy to do so that the driver can do without specialized help when modifying.

Adjusting the handlebars
The handlebars of a bike is almost always adjustable (where they are not a mere anecdote) and allows for greater comfort and control by the driver with very little work to adapt to the needs of each case. Besides the obvious rotation, there are cases which can be moved away from or towards the driver.