Today: July 14, 2024
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Navigator Prototype 537-8: for bikers or soldiers?

The Belgian designer Nathan Dearsley, pulling an impressive imagination has taken the first steps towards what could be the center of the future. Although the design may vary from these sketches, there is no doubt that electronic proposing end up being included in the coming years.

Navigator Prototype 537-8

We’re used to seeing propositions of thousands of designers what they considered to be the future of certain products. It is something that has been doing for centuries, the human mind always goes beyond their capabilities, there is more to remember that 50 years ago it was believed that at this time all cars and motorcycles would fly and now have to settle for what is not fly the accountant of gasoline…

However if there is more logical forecasts, less questionable, at least in part and one of them is posed Nathan Dearsley, a Belgian designer who in his spare time has been shaping a helmet that was initially inspired by the video game series Halo, but that has to be adapted to the world of the bike.

Leaving aside that this is a sketch, yes, with a stunning finish, would be made entirely from carbon and would have the detachable front to use it as comprehensive or jet depending on the time. So far, nothing further than usual, as there are models currently already offer it, but the strength of the design is, interestingly, what is not seen, electronic. The Navigator Prototype 537-8 has an advanced technology under all that carbon. GPS, web browser, display data of the bike, phone, internet and a few other electronic gadgets.

Although not specify how, the fact is that it is more likely that over time this type of technology is introduced to the world of the hull. Whom it is known if the popularization of the graphene allows it with reduced weights. We can only wait…