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NCR M4 One Shot: 132 hp 123 kilos

From the workshop of the Italian brand NCR, specialist in preparations Ducati, exits the M4, whose base is the installation of engine of Ducati 1100 EVO chassis in a craft of titanium.

NCR M4 One Shot

The Italian brand NCR specializes in preparations based on Ducati models. From its studio in San Lazzaro di Savena, have left spectacular preparations such as the sports Millona, or Mike Hailwood TT.

The heart of the M4 One Shot is the engine of a Ducati 1100 EVO, which has been messed with to get 132 hp at 8,700 rpm. These benefits are further enhanced by the effort it has put NCR in lighten the rest of components, resulting in a weight of only 123 kilograms.

This has created a traditional chassis made entirely of titanium, like the rear subframe, both to view. And the tank, rims, mudguards and supports are carbon fiber.

To give a clean aesthetic as contained and has hidden all the wiring, made with materials used in F1, which allows direct connection to telemetry data.

Not neglected the other components, two Brembo four-piston radial brake calipers bite both wave discs front. And both the front fork and rear suspension are the very best of the Swedish brand Ohlins.

In addition the M4 allows going from a spectacular naked to one streamlined sports at a time thanks to its modular design. With only five screws and a connector can install a carbon fiber fairing and replace the subframe.

The price of this exclusive NCR is around 60,000 euros.

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