Today: May 19, 2024
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New BMW C 650 GT and C 650 Sport

BMW has said to us in Valencia to make a first contact with the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. The first thing that attracts attention is that they share more things in their respective classifications. Although they were both driven by the same 647 cc parallel twin-cylinder, the sporty was named C 600 S and the touristy C 650 GT. But that has changed, because from now both will be “C 650”, differing only in the symbol “S” or “GT” at the end of their names.

BMW C 650 GT and C 650 Sport

Amendments to view
Aesthetically changes the most is the C 650 S, with a remodeled full body that increases its sportier look, the lower front and higher rear. Also its front has been redesigned and carries more painted area, with the objective that reminds the superbike S 1000 RR. Similarly, the plasters of the handlebar are of new invoice, showing a higher quality and be more colorful.

Aesthetic reforms have been less numerous in the C 650 GT, but mounts the side covers that are lagging behind more slender body, a large optical rear group with LED technology reminiscent of the K 1600 GT, as well as some better resolved mirrors and less vibrating. As in the “S”, the trim of the handlebar have improved in appearance and quality.

In addition, in both cases, new upholstery have been included in the seats and covers giving access to the gas cap, so as not to get into trouble when you are refueling and, at the same time, you decide to access the large gaps underneath the two seats.

Common technical improvements
The engines are exactly the same, with the same specifications and the same figures. Furthermore, the latter do not change with respect to their predecessors, declaring 60 hp at 7,500 rpm and 6.4 kgm at 6,000 rpm. Also the two are to be marketed in limited versions to suit the A2 permission, which is more economical if you come, prepared from the factory.

The most significant developments are found in the electronic management to fit the standard EU4, and the reforms in the continuously variable transmission. Improved the functioning of the Variator and clutch, and changed the developments, being shorter at first and longest at the end, declaring a top speed of 180 km/h, coinciding with the power cut.

Thanks to the above amendments, has been achieved that the response is more immediate to the accelerator, something that is appreciated especially to navigate by city and leave from standing. Also there is appreciated a softer and less murmuring functioning of the transmission. In addition, BMW states that the power and torque curves are flatter and consistent, responding faster and with fewer peaks than their predecessors. Another thing that is perceived is that the clutch is released later, and as a result the engine retains more to slow, making these new “C” will have less loose to draw some curves, especially slower.

Furthermore, the exhaust has been evolved. It has been removed the muffler intermediate and now only has a silencer with two overlapping outputs. Thus it has been lowered kilo weight of the system and improved the sound, being more severe, but always within the law.

Another novelty is that as standard, plus the ABS Bosch, it has included Automatic Stability Control, more evolved than the first version. While it is perfectly visible when in action, now not so short, making driving more smoothly and safely, and helping to leverage the considerable benefits of these two scooters.

Very effective and comfortable
Except for adjustments in the suspensions of reactions to be displayed slightly less dry and more absorbent, not announced changes in parts cycle. Therefore, these BMW continue to highlight the robustness of its front end, with an inverted fork that transmits a lot of security in strong support in curve, and that leverages smoothly powerful front brake.

The driving position of “GT” is more comfortable, with a front that protects more and a screen, with electronic height adjustment, which “wrap” more clearly. Its seat is also more comfortable in both places and the biker is somewhat closer to the ground.

The “S” has a flatter handlebars and a little higher seat, which makes adopt a more sporty driving position, but without being in any extreme case, with the top of our most forward-leaning body. Moreover, the screen is lower, but also can be adjusted, but if manually and in three preset positions.

It is clear that the improvements that have received the two maxiscooter of BMW Motorrad will be very well received by their future customers. They will be available at dealerships of the brand from next December 5, priced Sport €11,400 and Grand Touring €11,700.