The new Spanish electric moped, XKuty One, will be presented by the Aspar Team at Silverstone. Halfway between sophisticated bikes and light bike, the Xkuty highlighted by a very modern design and simplicity of use.

Xkuty One

Xkuty is a product of the company from Alicante Electric Mobility Company and is approved as a moped. Halfway between a bike without pedals and light bike, the engine mounts Xkuty 1500 watts at 48v in the rear wheel. With a 17Ah battery will be able to run at a maximum speed of 45 km/h (the maximum allowed by law for mopeds of any kind) and has an estimated range of 50 miles, thanks among other things to a content weighing 45 kg.

A very modern design lines, minimalist and lightweight, it has sought the lowest possible weight and extreme ease of use, so just find the Xkuty throttle grip, brake, power button and a holder to convert a smartphone a complete scorecard.

Two lithium ion batteries are responsible for providing energy. To recharge, to any outlet and in just two hours is ready for operation. A regenerative brake on the rear wheel also contributes to the load while you circulate, thus increasing autonomy.

The chassis has been designed with open cradle chassis for ease of use. Employs, in addition to the regenerative brake two-disc brake or (one in each wheel) and some sophisticated adjustable hydraulic suspensions coming from the world of mountain bikes.

It was advertised as 60 customization possibilities combining chassis colors, cuffs and trim, at a price of €2800.

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