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New Harley-Davidson Breakout and Street Bob Special Edition

The 2013 catalog of the Milwaukee firm expands with two new additions: the Softail Breakout (available from €22 600) and a special edition of the Dyna Street Bob will be only 500 units for Europe, Africa and the Middle East (€15,700).

Harley-Davidson Breakout

The Harley-Davidson Breakout adopts the same name of its sister CVO, but not be an issue as unique. Elongated, low-profile, the Breakout mounts a 240mm rear tire, a heavy yoke and trimmed fenders, while the sharp lines of the tank console and handlebar reinforce dragster style near the soil profile. A Twin Cam 103 engine and other components are finished in gleaming chrome and glossy black paint.

Each semicircular rim has 10 arms. The finished in gloss black powder is processed in alternate arms and the profile of the rim to expose the aluminum beneath the paint. The finished in gloss black powder is processed in alternate arms and in the profile of the tire to expose the aluminum beneath the paint.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob

The Softail chassis mimics the clean lines of an old hardtail frame, but with a rear suspension with shock absorbers mounted horizontally under the chassis tubes and hidden from view. The Breakout mounted ABS brakes and alarm as standard.

Kirk Rasmussen, Director of Harley-Davidson Design:
“With the Breakout have returned to the basic elements of a motorcycle, i.e., we have emphasized the engine and wheels. The black and chrome engine stands in the center of the bike and also to maximize the effect of the tires, we’ve cut the fenders. We wanted to see a lot of rubber, to give an image the Breakout hard, strong, muscular. Gasser wheels are specific to this model and are based on the design of the bikes that assembled the dragster from the sixties and seventies”.

“To lower the profile of the Breakout, we put the speedometer on the lift the handlebar and above the fuel tank we put a belt of black leather that covers the seam and a chrome cover that is just high enough to hide the cables and required ventilation tubes. The handlebars have a new curvature dragster style which I think gives a greater sense of aggression to roll”.

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