The specialized Dutch firm has presented its latest evolution of its popular “Rider”, a portable navigator created especially for motorcycles, which includes free lifetime maps and lets you choose the type of route to reach the destination.

tomtom rider

TomTom just introduced its TomTom Rider, the new portable navigator developed specifically for users of the two wheels: includes free lifetime maps (ability to download at least four map updates each year) and also to see the signs for reach a destination, and you can choose the type of route to follow to reach, thus customizing paths.

The routes can be created and updated via the TomTom Rider device itself or on your computer by downloading the software interactive Tire. Also, the feature Download routes and routes ready to load directly into the navigator and share via Bluetooth with other motorists.

TomTom Rider also incorporates an audio feature for users of helmet with Bluetooth. The device is also equipped with a new 4.3-inch touch screen that can be used with gloves and responds instantly to touch, in all weather conditions. The navigator includes a new charger that powers on or off the TomTom depending on the use of the motorcycle.

Corinne Vigreux (CEO of TomTom Consumer):
“With TomTom Rider motorcyclists choose not only where to go, but also how they want to go. We have responded to the requests of the community of riders to create a navigator that would allow them to customize their routes. We detected that the vast majority of motorcycle drivers use their vehicle for recreation purposes and actively seek routes that provide various experiences. Thus was born the new TomTom Rider, to offer the ability to find the most scenic routes in the world”.

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