Today: April 25, 2024
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NEXX X30.V: modular and futuristic

The new product of the Portuguese NEXX combines the comfort of a jet with the very versatility of modular and comprehensive protection. If we add an aesthetic reminiscent of a combat aviation helmet, for that we want more.


NEXX, ahead of the competition in safety, innovation and avant-garde, is a pioneer, for years, in the use of the CCP system (Chin Crash Protection), for which the impact energy is dispersed from the chin to the rest of the hull. Thanks to a combination of rubber materials and a mechanism that is separated from the hull when it receives an impact of a given level. The X30.V features an outdoor swing and other domestic fixed chin, so that being completely open helmet; biker’s face still remains protected.

Rigorous testing and control of use NEXX Helmets conducted in laboratories of IBSR, in Belgium; guarantee the quality of their helmets. The shell of the X30.V is made of thermoplastic resin, a material that achieves a lightness and consistency necessary to withstand all types of impacts. The structure of this helmet makes it a very versatile product as it can be opened as a jet or fully closed as an integral.

The NEXX X30.V presents an amplified field and superior to the other helmets on the market. Its screen is made of scratch-resistant lexan polycarbonate and operates through an opening mechanism extremely simple. For the comfort of the rider, the helmet incorporates integrated sun glasses that are operated by a button on the outside. Besides the helmet has a removable pad for better fit and soft fabric lining. The X30.V has micrometric closure system that achieves a fast, easy and secure fastening. The helmet also includes reflective inserts in the rear, increasing the visibility of the rider in low light conditions.

Another of the most interesting features is its extraordinary aerodynamics, which gives a unique directional stability, eliminating the up/down pressure created by wind resistance. To prevent fogging and allow airflow inside the helmet, it features multiple air vents on the top and on the chin.

This helmet is available in XS-XXL sizes with three finishes: Core (€197), Plain (€212) and Viper (the most sophisticated, €225).