Today: May 19, 2024
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Peugeot scooters launches new Tweet Evo 125

Peugeot Scooter has one of the broadest ranges of the market for scooters. In the premium segment, light wheel, scooter Tweet has been a great success and now comes a new version, as its name suggests, evolved.

Tweet Evo 125

The family Tweet expands in March with the arrival of the new Tweet Evo 125. The urban scooter by excellence of Peugeot proposed in 2014 a reestyling, incorporating new equipment options and refines the quality of its finishes.

It has updated the front, characterized by a “look” more Peugeot thanks to the incorporation of the new logo and the new design of its optical. The scooter aesthetic innovation also extends to the rear, equipping a double saddle stitching and available in 3 colors.

On the mechanical side, the new Tweet Evo mounted a new rear adjustable shock absorber in 3 positions and a side saddle with immobiliser system.

Among the best virtues of the Tweet is still counting its flat floor, a weight of only 109 kg, seat height 770 mm and a trunk with capacity for a jet helmet. It is configured as a very light and handy scooter in town now improving and modernizing its lines, with new colors for a “look” smarter. Its compact dimensions, low fuel consumption of 3.5 l and 16” wheels ideal for stability and eliminate road vibration, position the Tweet as a benchmark in urban displacements.

The new Tweet Evo improves equipment and its appeal without losing its good price, so it will continue to be one of the best deals from market mobility, if you are looking for a basic, elegant and eminently practical scooter.

The Tweet Evo is available in 5 colors, among which is the new Blueberry that you see in the picture.