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Piaggio Beverly 300 S: Sportiest version of the successful scooter

The Beverly 300 S is the new addition of Piaggio in the high wheel family model of the Italian firm. This scooter is among the basic category of 125 cc and 350 and comes with a modern sport touch.

Piaggio Beverly 300 S

For this 2014, Piaggio has developed a scooter that, with the same technical performance and quality always includes sportier and attractive finishes. After a decade of history and success, the new version of Beverly, 300 S, looks to continue the leadership of Piaggio in the disputed segment of high wheel scooter.

The Piaggio Beverly has been renewed over the years, but always maintaining a high agility and safety, plus a great comfort, making it ideal for city driving.

The Beverly 300 S stands out for its innovative central shaft on which is mounted the fuel tank cap in the style of a conventional bike. Furthermore, the use of new colors and shiny black inserts further emphasize its sporty lines.

This new scooter has a front composed of a double parabolic optical assembly with integrated turn signals, in addition to an innovative LED-type rear position lamp.

Another distinctive element of this model is the seat. With two separate levels for driver and passenger, provides greater control and ease at the time of the support on the ground. The seat can be opened well with the push button of the handlebar or with the cam arranged on the slide. The S 300 has a space under the seat to store up to two jet type helmets.

Its high wheels with light alloy aluminum and the large tires ensure great stability and comfort when driving, while maintaining the classic characteristics of the Beverly family, i.e. the great agility and manageability. The Beverly 300 S is available in carbon black and misty gray and has a cost of €3,999 (VAT included).