Today: May 24, 2024
admin Posted on 7:15 am

Piaggio PAM: Future electric tricycle

This curious three-wheel electric drive aims to combine the features of the famous BMW C1, yes, the capsized scooter, with the security of a three-wheeled vehicle in terms of stability and grip.

Piaggio PAM

It is a strange structure that starts from the front shield, extends to shape the windshield and roof and then lower down to form a kind of security for the rider. In inventor designs, PAM should incorporate a Head Up Display built into the windshield with a satellite navigation system, solar panels to recharge the batteries, airbag protection and adjustable driving position. Like the Italian firm MP3 just conversely, has two wheels in front and one behind.

Piaggio PAM

The design, fully futuristic but harmonious, there are some inconsistencies that make the project unfeasible. The design establishes that all the bodywork is support, and heavy materials, should be used to support the weight of the driver and the efforts of inertia, heavy materials, so that the center of gravity would be too high to be put.

It is an electric vehicle, but there seems to be too much room for batteries. Today a scooter of that size would need a large and heavy block, in the future may not. Certainly today would not be possible to develop a scooter as well, but will surely inspire some of the design departments of the major brands.