Today: May 19, 2024
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Pirelli launches the new tire Angel GT Sport Touring

The Angel GT expected even before being marketed and has been certified by the Motorrad TestCenter as number one in its segment for its mileage. An excellent starting point.

Angel GT Sport Touring

The Angel GT is the protagonist of the range Pirelli sport Touring and heir to Angel ST. Over its predecessor, the Angel GT increase its mileage by 30%, reduced to about 1 meter (about 75 km/h) stopping distance, also improving grip and handling in wet and, more importantly, can maintain these characteristics in time.

The Angel GT tread is an evolution of the Angel ST, designed specifically with the aim of providing a reduced and more regular wear, improving water drainage on both the previous tire, and the rear, with the new distribution channels in this cover.

To ensure a regular and reduced wear, has been oriented channels following the Schallamach theory of the waves of wear, which describes the mechanics of the formation of ridges tire wear based on the inclination and the direction of forces exchanged between the tire and the pavement at any point of the profile.

Pirelli has concentrated its efforts on the development of an innovative profile. Is the central radius has increased approximately 35% in order to create a less rounded middle section. Thus, they have altered the measure and the proportion of the tread surface, now is 6% shorter and 15% wider compared to the Angel ST.

The new Angel GT incorporates a special rayon carcass derived directly from Pirelli’s experience in sports competitions, especially in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

The complete set of the new Angel GT consists of a rear tire tread double mix with Cap & Base technology, i.e. a technology that make the product more compact and stable using the part in contact with the asphalt mixture adequate to provide grip in the lower layer and a mixture that ensures stability. The front uses a unique blend that adopts a 100% silica formula, derived from that used on the shoulders of the rear tire to provide similar behavior, especially in inclination and wet.