Today: May 24, 2024
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Promotion Metzeler Feelfree Wintec winter tire

The manufacturer of the distinctive blue elephant has a catalog with a specific tire for scooters intended for the coldest months of the year, and for extra safety performance.

Metzeler Feelfree Wintec winter tire

The model Feelfree Wintec offers concrete and composite construction features specially designed for winter driving scooters that optimize grip on wet asphalt or low temperature.

In order to test the product, Metzeler Spain performed in different weeks test in collaboration with several specialists, yielding positive results. Also, as part of its policy of rapprochement with its customers, the brand has launched a special promotion through its website called “Learn to drive your bike safely”. Thus, the first 150 registered who have purchased a set of Feelfree Wintec tires until January 15, 2014 will receive this course for free. The training course lasts four hours and consists of a technical and practical tests different presentation, all to a better understanding of the basic winter driving techniques and improves mobility in the most difficult season for bikers.

The first course will be held in Barcelona on January 25, followed by the second in Madrid on February 1, in Vigo on February 8 and in Bilbao on 22 March.