Prosegur, the well-known multinational company specialized in private security, has acquired two mopeds electric Peugeot e-Vivacity to develop surveillance work.

Peugeot electric scooters

Peugeot has enrolled two e-Vivacity electric scooter to serve the company Prosegur “zero CO2 emissions” and virtually no noise.

Although the short term these vehicles require an investment of combustion counterparts, Prosegur environmental commitment with the low maintenance it need in the medium term, have to choose safety multinational model of Peugeot e-Vivacity.

This initiative is part of the corporate responsibility policy of Prosegur that aims the creation of sustainable value in the long term for its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society in general. The Company is attached since 2002 to United Nations Global Compact, thus endorsing the ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Thus, this action is within the policy of care for the environment, a first step to study the progressive replacement of the mobility needs of the Company.

Main features of the e-Vivacity:

  • 65 Km of autonomy.
  • 5 Hours to recharge to 100% thanks to its dual charger. The 80% charge is available within 3 hours.
  • Cost of using 10 times less than a combustion engine (€0.4 to travel 100 km).
  • SAFT Batteries (world leader) of lithium ion with 4 year warranty.
  • From 0 to 10 meters in 3 seconds with 14 Nm of torque, matching the performance of a 125 cc.
  • Space to accommodate a full helmet under the seat.
  • Flat floor.
  • Available in blue or white color.
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