As large as China and with the limitations and shortcomings of the giant Asian country is a breeding ground for all kinds of inventions and gadgets. It is common to see how farmers are also those who spend time doing creations “bizarre” as it is the case of this suitcase-scooter.

suitcase scooter

Expected to carry around a suitcase or move through the halls in airports and stations is not more “cool” you can do. It is habitual be in distress when one tries to move up a step and the bag starts to wiggle off to one side and another until it often ends up by fall or flip over. At that time one looks to the other side and acts as if nothing had happened.

However there is another option and is that you become your suitcase a scooter as a farmer in the region of Hunan in China. It is about “monsters” of the most curious and uses the bag as a chassis with three rollers that are in contact with the ground (at least regularly) and a handlebar that seems to get a brake lever, all relief.

In the performance of this case there is no data disclosed, as we do not know the luggage capacity, and the autonomy of it. What if we can be sure is that this case created by a Chinese farmer, who has taken 10 years to develop this artifact, is one faster baggage of the world.

Maybe not the best solution to get everything a person needs when going on a trip, but what is certain is that you reach your destination in style.


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