Today: April 25, 2024
admin Posted on 9:17 pm

Shark Raw: Helmet with mask more extreme market

The French firm has launched this helmet made of carbon fiber, modular, i.e. mask and goggles are detachable, with a totally groundbreaking aesthetics.

Shark Raw helmet

It is three in one and you can choose to wear it without glasses or mask, glasses only or all depending on what you go for. In addition the process of “removed and put” is very quick and easy. In town and in summer is your thing go only with the helmet and sunglasses for example. Two shells have been fabricated different sizes so that every effort can be adjusted.

This modular helmet made of carbon fiber does not have a defined style, and its many forms can fit virtually any segment bikes.

Its technical features include external treatment anti-scratch and one inner anti-fogging, micro buckle or a small volute to be able to engage the Bluetooth system and be able to talk on the phone with the hands free.

The Shark Raw helmet is sold at a price of 219 euros and is available in 10 different colors, some are bicolor.