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Shark Vision R helmet

The Vision R of the French firm Shark stands out for its widescreen display that offers a greater viewing angle horizontally and vertically, which results in greater security. Interior removable, cover-neck, anti-fog mask and chin are other characteristics.

Shark Vision R helmet

Inside the Discovery division of the Shark Vision R find a helmet that stands above the rest by its widescreen, allowing you boast of having the largest viewing angle of the market.

Concretely its 2.2 mm wide screen thickness allows 125% of global vision in vertical and 110% in horizontal. It also has a new scratch treatment and anti-fog and incorporates an internal sun visor is hidden at the top and we can operate it with gloves on.

Regarding its outer shell material, available in two sizes, is made of a combination of composite fibers: short, long and multiaxial, of variable thickness. In this way optimally distributes the impact energy over the surface extending the flexibility of the entire housing and drive greater energy absorption.

The inner lining of the shell is of EPS (expanded polystyrene) with fin structure shock absorption, which in case of receiving a blow absorbs more energy and greater progressiveness and precision than a solid piece.

Good details
The interior padding is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam) hypoallergenic, consists of three separate parts removable and washable for convenience and hygiene. It has taken into account the users with glasses incorporating a removable rods pass. It also has a PVC covers nape with inclusion of reflective materials, mask defog dismantling fast and chin.

The Vision-R incorporates two upper air intakes and a bottom providing the Venturi effect, an optimal air flow through the interior of the helmet.

It is adapted to incorporate any Sharktooth communication system: Telecom, Intercom, Music and GPS. Its locking system is by micrometric belt.

Sizes: XS-XL.
Approximate Weight: 1,450 grams.
Approximate price: €299 (monocolor version) and €369 (depending on graphics). Including VAT.

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