And as limited, as it is only going to make 25 units. The Japanese firm Yoshimura components made in collaboration with Suzuki this special version of the GSX-R750, primarily to promote his new line of products.

Yoshimura GSX-R750

This spectacular special version, which in principle is manufactured only 25 units, is offered only in black color and has the ultimate of Yoshimura for this model. It carries a R11 exhaust with muffler finished in carbon fiber and oil filter plugs in brass alloy and other engine covers in this same material. Other accessories are the fork plugs and handlebar counterweights Yoshimura.

Suzuki meanwhile has also provided original accessories for this version as the double bubble dome, the upholstery of the seats, fuel tank protector and special plug of new invoice.

Although if we add the price of all the special parts separately would give a total of about 1,400 euros, the fact is that this version will be offered for just 920 euros more than the base price of the Suzuki GSX-R750, which is 13,799 Euros. The hard part will be to be in the top 25 to request one of these limited editions.

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