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Test BMW K 1300 R

The BMW K 1300 R is one of the most devastating hot naked of the market. Power, performance and first-line chassis, innovative technical solutions and personality. Its 173 CV “macho-bike” catapult you to infinity.

BMW K 1300 R

To get into the naked version of the K 1300 S thought find more of the same, since 95% of the motorcycle is identical to its sister sport-touring. The differences with the S version are obvious, but after running a few miles with it, worked the miracle: not only benefits from the best of the S, but also feels lighter than this.

Our unit had been loaded to the teeth of the optional extras: Safety Pack (ASC traction control and RDC tire pressure control by €1,738), Dynamic Pack (changing semi-automatic, ESA II electronic suspension, sports windshield and intermittent white LEDs by €1022) and ABS. The heated grips and trip computer are standard. Of these, the ESA II makes a difference with the 9 possible suspension settings. The water can be set in motion (Normal, Sport or Comfort), while the preload should be in standing (driver, driver with luggage or double occupancy), followed by ABS detachable.

Other details like Bumpers Fall on the sides of the chassis, asbestos on the belly of the collectors to insulate heat or radiator guard are appreciated. On the other hand, this is a model that could be “decorated” with a lot of racing parts outputs High Performance Parts catalog of the German manufacturer.

The four-cylinder of the K 1300 R is endless, rather, incomprehensible. Never stop pushing, from 1,500 rpm shown powerful and at the same time can be bearable and nothing stressful. Hold on tight to the handle opening depth required, but try to reach the red zone by a conventional road is a utopian obscenity devoid of sense: no response from as early so you do not need. Smooth, progressive and linear never falter, but quite the opposite.

But not only accelerates, also retrieves that it gives pleasure even in the top gear. The electronic engine management achieved autonomy of around 250 km with 19 liters tank. The skip reserve warning light in the absence of 4 liters, when you still remain around 70 km to go, and give faith that theoretical autonomy that is appearing is very faithful to reality.

Precision R
From the first moment is more lightweight and agile version S. Why? Well, on one hand all the declared weight is 11 kg less filled and, secondly, a rear tire shim 180 mm instead of 190. These aspects linked to the sharp angle of the cylinders (55) and checked geometries from the old 1200 makes the bike extremely stable, at the same time manageable under all driving. Even so, 243 kg remain great.

Undoubtedly, another parameter that helps a lot is the suspension. Apart from regulation to relocate, is firm and gives a feeling of complete security. The only thing that you need to adjust is to not feel anything before, since the independent Duolever steering and suspension.

As for braking, few “buts”. The effectiveness of the maximum Brembo is very quickly that we go: the pump does not fail, the power surplus and touch is good, although somewhat dry (suspension not low). It is fantastic to have partial integral ABS and don’t need to use the foot because when operating the brake lever is also a little behind. Being picky, the ABS is somewhat intrusive when it comes to pedal action: notice pulsations too noticeable and unpleasant on the sole, typical of all BMW models equipped with antilock. With the handle is not the case and, after a slight fluttering in the fingers, everything will be under control, as it should be.

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