Today: June 24, 2024
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The BMW S1000R dresses up with Rhizome

If you own a BMW S1000R you’re in luck. The Italian firm of accessories Rhizome has developed a complete kit of items specially designed for the German supernaked that mount will boost its aggressive nature with a touch of distinction and elegance.

BMW S1000R

As previously did with The Yamaha MT-07, with her older sister, The MT-09, The BMW R1200GS and countless more motorcycle premier from Rizoma have been launched to design a wide range of specific accessories for BMW S1000R. Its objective is to improve them, already by itself, high performance of the German mount. And all this with the seal of quality and style of the firm of Varese.

Again, supplements developed by the R&D of Rizoma have shown that Italian design looks perfectly with the German sportsmanship. In addition, great care in the details and finishes in aluminum color and blue accessories, such as the corporate color of BMW, give the place a unique style.

Adjustable footrests, articulated handles and smoked dome
If anything stands Rhizome is by providing functionality to most of their stylish accessories. In the case of the S1000R, these items are: the aluminum EVO footpegs, which can be adjusted to 4 positions; brake shifters and clutch adjustable and articulated feel, which provide greater precision when driving or smoked dome on its front, which improves comfort.

Proguard System
This aluminum shield will prevent accidental actuation of the brake and clutch when making sporty driving about German naked. The Proguard System is available in three colors: aluminum, black or gold.

Rear-view mirrors Veloce L
Rhizome engineers have added the German street fighter the mirrors Veloce L. These incorporate approved indicators and allow many possibilities of regulation, characteristics that make them extremely functional.

Other accessories
But Rizoma has not only focused on developing these items, but super roadster complete with other products such as fluid reservoir, tapered handlebars, engine oil filler cap, the easel stand or FOX number plate.