Today: July 25, 2024
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The craze of the superhero also comes to motorcycle helmets

Although Helmet Dawg presents it as a safety innovation, no one is aware that the “Dark As Night Helmet Black Edition” want to cash flip with superheroes in film.

Helmet Dawg

The road is full of dangers. There are also traffic jams, unscrupulous drivers and many other distractions. Helmet Dawg believes that the best way to avoid them is to be seen, and that the best way to be seen is to give other users something to look for.

That is the Dark As Night Helmet Black Edition, although no one is aware that the company either Tampa (Florida), has used the enormous pull as few have lately superheroes in film. What is clear is that a motorist with this helmet on head will make more than one spin wondering if what have seen is real or the result of their addition to the comics.

The Dark As Night Helmet Black Edition features handmade exterior details with resistant plastics on the basis of a conventional GMAX helmet. It is available in all sizes, from XS to XXXL, transparent visor or obscured, and costs $325 (248,43 euros).

As often happens in these cases, the safety regulations Dark As Night is somewhat confusing, since the original helmet is DOT certified (USA), but not the items added by Helmet Dawg. It must be very clever to understand that in reality are potential hazards in case of impact. In any case, from Helmet Dawg reports that to perform the modifications in the helmet has not been affected the structure and rigidity of the original or the shell is perforated by any method.

Nevertheless if someone decides also to acquire a Dark As Night Helmet Black Edition, you should know you have to get to the bottom of the long list of orders and wait at least 30 days to receive.