The Institute of Road Safety Mapfre Foundation has conducted a study to determine the incidence of load factor in traffic accidents with victims, inform drivers and promote measures to minimize them.

motorcycle luggage

All we know that a motorcycle overloaded or with the distributed load incorrectly is susceptible to an accident. On many concentrations we have seen many bikers carry both luggages hardly to see them.

In this regard, the Institute of Road Safety Mapfre Foundation conducted a study that aims to determine the incidence of load factor in traffic accidents with victims, provide information to the driver and promote corrective measures to reduce the number of accidents.

Basic rules on motorcycle luggage:

  • Luggage must be placed in the bags, the top case or tank bag. We must place it in a balanced manner (for example, can not be placed more weight on the same side).
  • In any case, the sum of the tare weight of the bike (total weight without cargo or passengers plus cargo) must exceed the permissible maximum weight contained in the card’s technical characteristics (indicated therein as MTMA/MMA).
  • Do not carry objects or loose baggage since before a stiff shock, the impact of the object multiplied 55 times its weight.
  • A heavily loaded bike negatively affects driving conditions, cornering worsening by 19%, extending the braking distance by up to 21% and to increase overtaking a drag in more than 38% the distance to be able to overcome the vehicle that precedes us.
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