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The most common fears when riding a motorcycle

Being afraid to ride a motorcycle is not so rare, the less experienced can have some difficulty when getting on a motorcycle because the feeling of moving on a two-wheeled vehicle can cause some fear.

riding a motorcycle

So, in addition to telling you how to overcome the fear of riding a motorcycle, we offer you here a small list of the most common reasons that can make think twice to the less experienced, and often also if it is to go on a passenger motorcycle, because the feeling of controlling the situation is less.


The curves are one of the most delicate moments when riding a motorcycle, but also the most fun and exciting once you have the necessary experience and you know how to make a motorcycle curve.

In a curve the bike tilts and the tires touch the asphalt with a smaller surface than the vertical, so the grip is reduced. If we add to this the forces produced by the turn, they can be processes that we should learn to do correctly.

In the corners the less experienced passengers will feel insecure because the act of tipping will produce instability and a feeling of possible fall. Only practice will solve this problem.


Sometimes, with strong accelerations, you may have the feeling that the rear tire may lose grip. To solve this problem some models include traction control to always maintain the grip.

Passengers in this case can have insecurity caused by inertia, since when accelerating the motorcycle the passenger tends to go backwards, and having no backrest can have the feeling of being able to fall off the motorcycle from behind.

Here the responsibility is for the biker, to accelerate smoothly, and for the passenger to always be attentive and alert to possible accelerations.


Braking on a motorcycle is also a delicate process. When braking, the weight of the bike is transmitted to the front wheel and the pressure falls on that tire. That excess weight can compromise the grip of the rubber on the asphalt while braking, and that causes fear when braking hard or in case of emergency braking.

To avoid these problems, the technology offers us the ABS systems, which allow that in case of losing adherence at the time of stopping the pressure of the brake yield for an instant so that the tire returns to recover its grip on the asphalt.

Not reach with feet to the ground

One of the greatest feelings of insecurity to be on a motorcycle when you do not have extensive experience is to not get to the ground.
A motorcycle weighs, some weigh a lot, and when we are standing we must be able to keep it vertical when we are on them. The seat height of the motorcycle is fundamental here. A seat at low altitude, as in a motorcycle cruiser, makes things easier for us, but that of a motorcycle trail, at a high altitude, will complicate things at the least high. Once this problem is over, it disappears, but stopping is something very common.


After all, accidents are the result of all previous fears. It is the first thing to avoid and always every precaution is little to stay away from them, but the possibility of a possible accident is the main reason for fear when riding on a motorcycle.

If everything fails and we are victims or witnesses of a motorcycle accident, it is convenient to know what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident.