Today: April 25, 2024
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The Norton V4 Superbike takes shape

Fever for throwing sports bikes over 200 hp still active and the last one has been infected is Norton. The British firm signed an agreement with the British government to relaunch the bike industry in the UK and some of that money will go to develop the new Norton V4.

Norton V4

It is a new superbike in the line of models like the Ducati 1299 Panigale, which will premiere at the NEC Motorcycle Live of November in the UK. The production will be limited to 200 units manufactured by hand and will come to the market in 2017. Orders are already admitted.

The design of the new sport, which still does not have definitive name, is inspired by myths of British motor as Aston Martin, with a fairing of carbon fiber on the line of the one seen in the SG3 of the brand that already competes in the Tourist Trophy. The engine is a 1,200 cc 72-degree V4 will yield more than 200 hp, putting focus on manageability over pure power.

Other anticipated details of the bike are a tubular aluminum chassis; exhaust system integrated into the keel, carbon fiber wheels, last generation Ohlins suspensions, Brembo brakes, LED lighting and derived from the competition with at least anti-wheelie and traction control.

Since Norton returned to activity in 2009 has been in the mind of Norton CEO Stuart Garner producing a sports bike at the forefront. But for that first he had to establish a reasonable distribution of its Commando models and the necessary funding to address it.

It seems that time has come and there is now only waiting to resume a role that Norton had in the production of motorcycles for many years.