Today: May 24, 2024
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The retro is not at odds with the performance in the Hesketh Sonnet

A small group of Anglo motorists seem to have enough capital to deal with purchases as Hesketh Sonnet, second bike in the current era of the British manufacturer after Hesketh 24. Actually it is a more standard version of this, that, yes, it takes beyond the benefits.

Hesketh Sonnet

Its price is 25,000 pounds plus taxes, more than the vast majority of liter Superbike. Production is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

The Hesketh Sonnet equips a V-Twin engine at 56 degree of nothing more and no less than 2,163 cc of displacement, which translates into 145 CV of power at 6,000 rpm and a huge pair of 210 Nm from only 3,000 rpm. It is therefore very close to the Triumph Rocket III in this section. The weight of 235 kilos in dry braking a bit in this sense its dynamic properties, since the tip does not go beyond 230 km/h.

The bike sits on a basic double cradle chassis, although maintains the type with their brakes with Brembo tweezers and 320 mm double front disc or fully adjustable K-Tech suspension. The 17 – inch BST carbon fiber wheels for both axles with Avon 3D Ultra Sport tires.

It is a bike to enjoy in solitary is clear with its seat upholstered in classic leather located 760 mm from the ground. The 13 liter tank assumes that you will not be able to make long trips without refueling, although it does not seem that this is its game.

Undoubtedly another British motorbike made to different hand from several that have been released this year.