Today: April 25, 2024
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Thomas Thorne Racing Helmet: Will be the helmets of the future?

The designer Thomas Thorne presents its vision of how will evolve Motorcycle helmets over the coming years to become plagued sophisticated models of electronic gadgets able to inform and help at all times to users. Will we see a day in the street?

Thomas Thorne Racing Helmet

If there is something that allows internet is above any other media, globalization, but not only the material, it is also of ideas. The communication which we enjoy today, we get to discover ideas that otherwise would hardly have come to our retinas.

In this particular case it comes to helmets designed by Thomas Thorne, which based on ingenuity and many hours of computer behind, has created a series of helmets that seem taken from a science fiction movie with a series of “improvements” that make it much more than the best ally of all bikers.

Among the different proposals and leaving aside the eye-catching design which are not specified materials, closures, approvals… emphasizes the protection bars in the rear, its bizarre air inlets, motion systems and fixing the screen. But above all, what catches the attention of this proposal is its data viewer, which theoretically should be attached to the bike and provide the same information, RPM, speed or temperature and other data.

At the moment this prototype, a hybrid between a helmet and known Google Glass are only in the mind and sketches of Thorne, but who knows if one day the big brands adopt the idea as their own and adapted these systems end up in helmets of the racers and the street itself.