Today: May 24, 2024
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Tips for taking turns on motorbike

The percentage of road exits on motorcycle in total motorcycle accidents is increased dangerously, going beyond 50%, which forces a reflection, which obliges a reflection: do we taking turns correctly? Many you know the theory, but it is not worth remembering it.

taking turns on motorbike

Most important of all is to access it at a prudent speed, if we were more forced of the account will be very difficult to rectify. It is necessary to brake looking for the outside of the curve, to incline attacking the apex of the same without giving gas or to brake and finally passed the apex to accelerate progressively while we return to the initial position. So far so good. Problems?

  • It is not always possible to look for the outside of the curve at the entrance
  • Tilting too slowly at the apex may cause the motorcycle to not be lifted
  • You can Not always look beyond the simple highway.

In these cases you have to pull the head and slow down as much as possible, tilting less, saving the situation by lowering the gears one by one and touching as much as possible the front brake, without passing. Touching the rear brake with panic especially on wet floor is synonymous with sliding. In the excess of confidence are the problems because you may go 100 times above your possibilities and nothing happens at all, but the 101 will pass and you will not have the security of falling on a circuit.

As you can see, there are three basic things that we should not forget as much as we believe in The King of The Road.