For excessive summer heat is not a problem when driving a motorcycle, Tucano Urbano has developed ventilated jacket Atitlan, with male and female version. With this garment, plus driving without the burdens of high temperatures, you’ll go protected and stylish.

Tucano Urbano jacket

Tucano Urbano has presented ventilated jacket Atitlan, a garment that keeps the distinctive features of the product line of Italian signature: high technical qualities with an attractive design and high security.

To be able to withstand the high temperatures of the summer months and go cool to the backs of your bike,. Tucano Urbano has joined the Atitlan huge perforated mesh panels that allow the passage of air to the inside. Despite being a jacket with technical features, has a sophisticated style that combined with all kinds of garments.

In the area of security, the Milanese brand jacket has shoulder and elbow protection and also has a hole in the back area to accommodate the airbag module of the brand. In addition to protection, Tucano Urbano has careful details of this new garment to improve the comfort of the driver. Therefore, the jacket incorporates adjustments in the waist and in the sleeves and has external and internal pockets in different sizes.

The Atitlan jacket has male and female version. The men sold in brown and black colors and sizes from S to 3XL. The version for women, Atitlan Lady, has a feminine cut enhanced by a belt and is available in black color and in sizes ranging from 38 to 46. Both versions sold by a price of €146 (VAT included).

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