Yamaha has officially launched its new naked of average capacity in Indonesia. This is the new MT-25, a model based on the R-25 sport that is now available in Asia at a price of 46 million rupee, about 3000 euro to change.

Yamaha MT-25

The truth is that the Japanese brand has followed a simple formula to develop the MT-25: stripping a R-25 placing a headlight of modern and functional style, along with a keel to protect the engine and a reservoir something sharper, with the elongated side to cover up the lack of fairing.

At the mechanical level, using the same two-cylinder engine and 249cc of the R-25, with 35.5 horsepower at 12,000 rpm associated with a six-speed gearbox. The chassis is of tubular steel type with a structure similar to a double girder with a total dry weight of 165 kilos. The conventional front fork has a distance of 130 mm, while the brake system is formed by a single front 298mm disc bitten by a conventional two-piston caliper. The rear disc is 220 mm with single piston caliper.

The tires maintain measures of R-25, with 110/70 front and 140/70 rear. The dimensions are the same, with a wheelbase of 1.380 mm and a seat height of 780 mm. The capacity of the tank also remains intact with 14 liters.

If we take into account that Yamaha sells its sporty R-25 renamed R-3 in Europe and the U.S, acronym that Yamaha has used for years to sell a single naked of 660 cc removed from the market in 2014. If so, it will come with the same engine of the R-3, a more potent than the R-25 twin 42 horsepower and displacement of 321 cc. Given that the R-3 has a price of 5,299 euro, and the MT-07 costs 5,899 euro, we assume that the new MT-03 will be around a price of 4,800 euro, and will be compatible with the A-2 license.



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