Today: May 19, 2024
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Yamaha renews its motocross range: 2014 YZ250F and YZ450F

Unlike other brands like KTM, renewing their dirt bikes every year, Yamaha is taking calmer, it has taken two years to renew its range of motocross presenting now.

2014 YZ250F and YZ450F

The new YZ450F mounted single cylinder engine pushed back we already knew only now has larger valves and a new unit that delivers more torque in the first three speeds and generally improved feel much traction but allows more controllable. For both engines Yamaha offer the accessory MX Power Tuner, which allows the engine to change the settings depending on the conditions of the land or the pilot.

Both bikes share a chassis that has been revised in parts especially critical in the jumps, has changed slightly the mass centralized for agility and efficient cornering. Aluminum reinforcement frame have ten different types of wrought.

The radiator is a little smaller, a shortened subframe, crankcase has also reduced its size simplifying lubrication systems. Suspensions have also been updated, and the front wheel shaft, 22 mm wider now. The handlebar is more rigid and provides greater maneuverability.

The new design has the exhaust, is based on using the Yamaha in World Motocross. This escape “meandering” helps mass centralization before commented. It also changed the tube diameter to facilitate the expulsion of gases. The YZ250F has a new gearbox that offers greater precision to engage the gears. The clutch is a new bill in both models.

Plastics have been updated as well as the fenders and graphics. Yamaha offers its customers a complete range of optional accessories to customize, improve and even further streamline the new YZF motocross.

The retail price of the new YZ450F is €8,399.