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Yamaha YZF-R125 Review

The Yamaha YZF-R125 is a full-sized race motorbike that promises to deliver in terms of looks, speed, and performance. It comes with an aggressive styled r-series Delta Box chassis that denotes its swiftness even when the bike is stationary.

Yamaha YZF-R125

Its liquid-cooled, sporty, single-cylinder engine has a free revving short stroke cylinder, and an efficient 4-valve head with front and rear discs to maximize stopping power at top speeds. The YZF-R125 is clearly a bike for the seasoned biker who demands top class engineering with perfect handling performance.

Here is a brief review of the Yamaha YZF-R125 London with a focus on design and engine performance: YZF-R125 Series Body Work The YZF-R125 comes with a complete delta box chassis with sporty aerodynamic curves, and twin fox-eye headlights.

This body not only makes the motorbike seem larger than it really is but it also enhances the handling experience on the road. Riders are able to cruise along the highway at high speeds while attracting onlookers with the motorbikes fierce look. The new YZF-R125 has a 1,353mm long wheelbase, which is slightly longer than most of its predecessors in the Yamaha R series, and enhances the bike’s stability on the road. The twin headlights of the YZF-R125 are distinctive to the r-series while larger Yamaha bikes influence the low profile front and small tail. The bike also comes with a cast-aluminium swinging arm that allows the link-type rear suspension system to operate with higher efficiency. This arm gives the bike a low center of gravity ensuring better responsiveness and handling on the road.

YZF-R125 Engine: The bike has a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc engine. This horizontal in-line engine has a short-stroke layout that gives the bike free revving characteristics. A gas-powered fuel injection system with a 4-valve cylinder head boosts torque while bikers are cruising on the open road. The engine has a 6-speed transmission system with a mid-ship muffler and free flowing exhaust. The central location of the muffler system helps in balancing the bike to improve handling.

Ultimately, the compact short stroke engine of the YZF-R125 is the strongest performer among all other Yamaha bikes in the 125 four-stroke series. It also features high performance braking systems with a compact twin-pot caliper that slows down the large diameter 292 mm front discs and a 230mm rare disc with a single-pot caliper for added stopping power. Lastly, the Yamaha YZF-R125 London comes with 10-spoke alloy wheels with wide rubber covers. Thick rubber wheels provide the bike with good traction on the road enhancing control and balance. Most motorcycle dealers in the UK sell this high performance bike between £2,250 and £3,500. Of course, the condition of a bike is always a huge factor when it comes to pricing.

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