Today: May 19, 2024
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GIVI converts Kawasaki Ninja 300 into a touring bike

The Italian firm wanted to complete the last initiation sports model launched by Kawasaki. With Accessory Kit Givi, the Ninja 300 win many points in elegance and aerodynamics, but without losing only one apex of its sporty identity.

GIVI converts Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki introduced two years ago the Ninja 300, a perfect sporty model to start the ride of sport bikes. GIVI did not want to miss the opportunity and presented a kit of exclusive accessories for the Ninja 300, and reinforce its sporty DNA makes this bike a convenient and multifunctional vehicle.

Specific support for top case 4108FZ
The 300 Ninja is a bike to enjoy, and the best thing you can do with it is use it whenever possible. Thanks to adapters for Monoclock and Monokey anchors, you can install trunks with different capacities as needed for each. A convenient solution for when we go to enjoy a weekend with our Ninja 300.

For this type of excursions, GIVI offers the trunk B37 with 37 liter capacity and a price of 126.83 euros (VAT included). If you do not want to carry a heavy load, another option is the B33, 33 liter priced at 137.94 euros (VAT included). For its part, the 4108FZ rear adapter is priced at close to 98 euros.

3D603 tank bag
With similar to that of the rigid suitcases provision, 3D603 is a really useful and accessible accessory, because thanks to it can have on hand all the items we use on a daily basis. Another advantage is that it allows GPS navigator during the journey, to have a transparent window in your smartphone pocket. It costs 81.39 euros (VAT included).

Their placement is very simple thanks to Tanklock system that facilitates fixation. It is a metal ring that is secured to the base of the bag and another, which is specific to only Ninja 300, based on the tank. It is disengaged from the bag as if it were a lever.

3D600 side panniers
Made with a 3D semi-rigid material, GIVI panniers ensure a fast and secure clamping, with the agility of a soft bag. A dose of elegance and sportiness thanks to its aerodynamic design. The prices of the saddlebags are 268.40 euros (VAT included) and have a capacity of 25 liters each.

For those who just want to install the lateral supports, must also include the back support of this kit, priced at 37.70 euros (VAT included).

D4108S Windscreen
A final touch will make the Kawasaki Ninja 300 motorcycle more aggressive. The D4108S Windscreen has a 9 cm higher windshield than the original. With a size of 42×34 cm, this windscreen is the final nail to a conventional sports bike, an aerodynamic model that radiates comfort.