Today: June 19, 2024
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New AXO Glide set for off road use

The Italian manufacturer has just introduced its new set of jacket and pants, specially designed to meet the needs required by this specialty: strength and comfort.

The Italian brand of motorcycle equipment AXO has always stood out for its modern products designed for maximum protection and comfort to its users.

In this line we emphasize its new set of clothing for off road use, Glide. Formed by jacket and trousers.

Glide Jacket
Made of high resistance polyester, with ballistic fabric inserts that increase protection. This intended to be used for much of the year, its perforated polyester inner lining antiseptic and anti-sweat and anti-wind vest ensure protection against the cold. While your vents on chest, back and sleeves allow us to use in the warmer days.

glide jacket

Its straps at the wrists and waist adjustments and arms make Glide jacket perfectly fit the body of the driver.

Other notable features are its spacious interior and exterior pockets, reflective inserts and its willingness to accommodate Camel Bag.

Glide Jacket is available in sizes ranging from M to XXL at a price of 200.25 euros, including VAT.

Glide Trousers
Made of heavy duty polyester drops and scratches, with extra protection in the area of the exhaust pipe to prevent abrasion-resistant. Also have elastic inserts above the knee, Slip fit system at the rear, which gives great freedom of movement.

glide trouser

Also incorporate a polyester lining, waist adjustments, and vents in the thigh area. They are predisposed with holes in the knees for any kind of knee protection.

You can find them in sizes from 46 to 60 at a price of 150.04 euros, including VAT.

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