Peugeot launches new economic scooter, Kisbee 100, equipped with a 102cc engine and a compact design for traveling through town.

Peugeot Kisbee 100

This summer the mark of the lion premieres scooter. The new Kisbee 100 is presented as a very affordable option for everyone who is thinking about buying a scooter. The Kisbee 100 has an engine of 102cm3 and the price that goes to market is €1499 (VAT included), an amount more like a motorized scooter.

It has a modern and compact design, it is very comfortable thanks to its flat floor and low seat height (735 mm), and under the seat has ample capacity able to accommodate a helmet. The saddle is two seater and has handy carrier bags, to leave safely. The Kisbee 100 is available in white and black pearl, and finished to high-quality care.

Its ultra-light weight, only 92 kg, makes Kisbee 100 is very manageable and comfortable to carry around town. It has 10″ wheels with aluminum rims, which give true sporting character and is also equipped with 170mm front brake disc, perfect for scrolling in a practical and safe way.

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