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2015 Suzuki Address 110: A high wheel scooter

Suzuki has introduced a new attractive and simple for those who watch pocket scooter. The Address 110 is a high wheel modern and functional, with a very tight level of consumption and perfect performance for the city.

2015 Suzuki Address 110

Suzuki is one of the most powerful manufacturers of scooter industry is something no doubt. That the Burgman has been the king of the segment for several years is a sign that Suzuki knows how to make a scooter and knows perfectly the tastes of users. With 110 Address pretend to occupy a niche market, although it is fairly cornered, it still has much room. The brand is a hallmark of quality in itself, so many interested parties by a simple and inexpensive, which will favorably upon this new high-wheel Suzuki.

The Address intends to fill a gap in the Suzuki currently has no integral, after the disappearance of Sixteen. A simple concept scooter, in fact resorted to the experience and based on other models that mark already sold in the East Asia, with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, air-cooled with electronic fuel injection which cubes 113 cc and it is capable of delivering up to 2.04 liters consumption per 100 km. Taking into account that it deposit is 5 liters, autonomy could be up to 250 km. In other words, forget the gas station.

The Address is footwear for 14-inch wheels, has front disc brake and rear drum brake. Buffer system consists of a conventional front fork and rear shock housed on the left side. Its load capacity is far from doubt, because according to the manufacturer under the seat Address is able to accommodate a helmet. It also has dual glove box behind the shield, a hook to hang the gym backpack or bag and rear rack to mount a trunk.

Its flat platform and the low seat height, together with contents weighing less than 100 kg, are a good asset to attract drivers of medium or low size. Its comfortable distance from the seat to allow the driver handle is comfortable even for taller drivers.

In terms of design, Address 110 is quite graceful sight. Its angular lines give it a modern twist, with lighthouse and the intermittent perfectly integrated in that design. The palette will be composed of a metallic gray, one black and one white.