Today: May 19, 2024
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AXO A2 Off-road boots

Italian brand presents its new boots for motocross and enduro. The AXO evolutionary leap with this product is the result of two years of research and a firm commitment to the latest technology, the use of good materials and a sophisticated twist.

AXO A2 boats

Made in high quality waterproof leather with abrasion resistant inserts, these ergonomic boots offer the best choice when equipped to carry out the complicated and demanding maneuvers motocross and enduro with full mobility and security. Not in vain, the number one national motocross, Jose Butron, choose these AXO boots to compete in the world circuit of half the world.

To dampen any possible impact, the A2 incorporate polyurethane protections in shin, heel, twin and internal side of the boot, and a metal slide in the forefoot. The boots also host internal protections polypropylene ankle area, minimizing any impact on the ankle area.

To allow the joint required for optimal performance in circuit, the AXO A2 are equipped with the Dual Pivot system, a vertebral torsion reinforced nylon that allows controlled bending of the leg at two points without compromising stiffness and construction of the boot, which guarantees a huge freedom of movement with total security.

Inside, the A2 have a breathable inner lining and anti-sweat quilting foot, providing a high level of comfort. In addition, the boots are closed by aluminum buckles with micrometric adjustment, an easy and fast handling with a comfortable, custom fit in seconds is allowed, and it comes complete with a velcro at the top. AXO has endowed his boots of a non-slip rubber sole, to allow the best possible grip on the footrests and avoid possible slipping.

They are available in sizes ranging from 40 to 48, at a price of €402.325 (VAT included).