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BMW F 800 GT

The new GT happens to the F 800 ST and is shown as a sport-tourism with great equipment. Both the chassis and the engine, which now yields 90 HP, have received modifications.

BMW F 800 GT

The new F 800 GT was presented at the Hall of Milan (EICMA), occupying an attractive place in the sport-touring range of the Bavarian brand. This model succeeds the F 800 ST, and emphasizes its tourer side, as announces full fairing.

Keep holding the two-cylinder in-line engine of 798 cc water-cooled, which increases 5 hp to provide an output of 90 hp. There will also be a 48 hp for drivers with A2 license. The exhaust system has been completely renovated, and there is an optional sports lighter Akrapovic.

The chassis has also undergone changes in order to improve the ride comfort. It has 50 mm lengthen swingarm and suspension setting has decreased its travel, thereby increasing the stability at high speeds. Tires premiere design and have been lightened.

The ergonomics is modified, the F 800 GT is lower than the ST, with a seat height above ground of 800 mm. The handlebar is now 20 mm higher and has moved forward and lowered the driver footpegs to achieve a more comfortable riding position.

The ABS braking system comes standard and is now lighter and more compact. And if the future owner wants to include more electronic gadgets BMW has in its catalog of extras the ASC stability system and suspension with electronically adjustable ESA.

To improve road slope BMW has increased the capacity of the F 800 GT, prepared to lodge two side cases and one top upper case. And it has renewed its information panel now offers standard on-board computer that was previously optional. The seats are now more spacious and comfortable.

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