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Cycling fashion trends for 2016

Fashion is huge in today’s age and time and it has spread its wings to everything from films, television, and social media to even sports. Nowadays even sportsmen and women dress in fashionably comfortable gear even while they play. The urge to look stylish while also being comfortable is something that has spread across various industries including the cycling industry. Designers are always coming up with new designs and trends to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry.

cycling kits

Some of the current fashion trends when it comes to cycling are:

Stylish and safe
One of the key criteria for cycling team kits are that are comfortable to wear but also safe enough that the cyclists can be seen from a distance. This is a tough compromise to make but the use of fluorescent materials to make the cycling kits has been successful and is very much on trend. As cycling competitions can go on for hours and cyclists need to be seen when they compete during times when the light is poor, it is crucial they can be seen at all times to avoid accidents.

Bright colours
There was a time when the cycling kits were only in black, white or grey but now designers are experimenting and incorporating brighter colours to add some dramatic flair. Why shouldn’t you compete in style?

Adjustable sleeves
Not everyone has the same arm width and not everyone prefer the same sleeve length so designers have come up with outfits where the sleeves can be adjusted according to the wearer and for the utmost comfort it is made out of special moisture wicking fabric.

Camo prints
Designers are taking more risks and creating amazing outfits so that they look stylish whilst also being able to compete comfortably. Another new trend in cycling kits is the addition of the camo print. While most of the outfit is made from a florescent material, the additional of camo print gives it a cool and edgy feel. The camo print is quite versatile and goes well with many different colours like maroon, black, grey and green. In terms of cycling outfits, the combination of fluorescent yellow with camo has been a big hit among many cyclists and teams alike.

Statement socks
Like anything else related to style and decor, the addition of a stamen piece can bring together a whole look. In this case, the socks play the role of the statement piece. Socks are a small but crucial part of the cycling kit. As the cyclist uses his or her legs the most whilst competing, it is important that they are encased in comfortable socks. But comfort can also be merged with style and that is what designers have done. They have come up with bold and colourful prints for socks so if the rest of the outfit is in the same colour, the socks can give a pop of colour and add some style statement to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Fashion has spread its wings to many different sectors like the movie, beauty and magazine industries so why should the sporting industry stay behind. Sportsmen and women deserve clothing that is both stylish to look at and comfortable to wear and the designers have come up with amazing designs to satisfy that need.