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Ducati Multistrada Biuta

The Biuta part of 2003 Ducati Multistrada has been profoundly modified both aesthetically and in terms of components and incorporating numerous accessories to enhance its performance on the road.

Ducati Multistrada Biuta

The previous model of the Ducati Multistrada, the 1000 DS, was from the beginning of 2003 a controversial model because its peculiar aesthetic was not liked by everyone, perhaps its peculiar design is advanced in time, or perhaps just its front with huge round headlamp not hit at all with the sporty rear of the two tubes sticking out under the tail exhaust…

The same must have thought Carlo Roscio of Pavia, Italy, who tired of the aesthetics of Multistrada 1000 DS is proposed with the help of its brother to turn it into a totally different bike, and seen the end result certainly have succeeded.

In fact the original model has kept only the engine, chassis and fuel tank. The handcrafted aluminum subframe is shorter than the original and connects directly to the tubular tellis chassis. Thus the Biuta has shorter wheelbase being more agile and fun to drive.
The engine went through the company SAB de Pavia, specialist to get the most brand engines of Borgo Panigale, and has been coupled to a spectacular escape Zard 2 in 1 hand-welded.

To compensate for the good work done on the engine has been optimized chassis. The Ohlins front fork is from a Honda VTR SP2 while the rear shock, Ohlins also has been pulled from a Honda CBR.

For the brakes has opted for a few Beringer with clip of three pistons that bite a few discs Beringer of competition.

It has also resorted to other motorcycle parts to get its spectacular aesthetic. From Aprilia RSV was obtained pollock, handlebars and rear lights. The light comes from a Yamaha MT-03, and the rear of a Buell. Certainly Carlo and his brother have done a splendid job and there’s no trace of the original look.

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